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acceptTrade() - Method in class simple.hooks.simplebot.Trade
angle(int) - Method in class simple.hooks.simplebot.Viewport
Will angle/turn the camera to the specified degree, this will change the yaw of the camera
AntiBan - Class in simple.hooks.simplebot
Created by Seth on December 12/26/2019, 2019 at 12:32 AM
AntiBan(ClientContext) - Constructor for class simple.hooks.simplebot.AntiBan
antiBan - Variable in class simple.robot.api.ClientContext
array() - Method in class simple.hooks.simplebot.Varpbits
will return the array of varpbits a.k.a settings
atlasPortalOpen() - Method in class simple.hooks.simplebot.PortalTeleports
attackStyle() - Method in class simple.hooks.simplebot.Combat
autoRetaliate() - Method in class simple.hooks.simplebot.Combat
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