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[Update] Website Releases

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Hi All,

I thought it would be best to get a quick update out to you regarding the website.

1) We have now migrated over to IPB from MyBB (Praise the lord). With this update we have had to make huge changes to our core infrastructure. 

  • Rewritten the whole Client Login API.
  • Rewritten the way the forums interact with the website

2) We have also released our new SDN. 

  • The API can only be viewed when logged into your forums account.
  • Banned users are unable to view the SDN, you aren't that lucky ;).
  • You can view ALL scripts that we have available with some detail regarding them.
  • Uploading scripts to Discord is now a thing of the past.
  • Staff can now approve and delete scripts in real time.
  • Responsive design (You are able to view scripts on your phone/tablet/pc without any formatting issues.
  • When scripts are uploaded they won't appear on the client scripts dir instantly. They need to bew reviewed and accepted.

We will hopefully have an update regarding Script Writer ranks coming soon and how they will be obtainable.

We are open to suggestions regarding the SDN, the current suggestion list is below.

  • Add the ability to search script via Server name.
  • Integrate more JS into the front end to make the user journey more smooth.
  • Fix some known backend/front issues.

We are still working on the client side migration to make this update work like it did before. Hopefully have an update out in a couple of hours.




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Very nice release! good work boys!

A suggestion: Make us able to travel to the forum thread of the script when viewing scripts in the SDN

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5 hours ago, trester said:

Very nice release! good work boys!

A suggestion: Make us able to travel to the forum thread of the script when viewing scripts in the SDN

We are intending on making it so you must have a forums thread when uploading your script. Nice suggestion!

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