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  3. keep it up cant wait to test this out with the plebs
  4. Good work as always Rem!
  5. Hey guys, Small patch notes for new Vitality update Added new teleporting system to vitality to help script writers use the vitality teleportation wizard: Added more null checks to the local player to avoid certain bugs and issues Added a new check to help users ensure they are using the proper java version that being version 8 General bug fixes and stability improvements Happy botting!
  6. Last week
  7. zulrah would be a great addition if its not added already
  8. Request scripts here: https://simplebot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/14-script-requests/
  9. This was only released Yesterday, we will post another thread when this has been changed to free.
  10. is it stil for vip +? release it to the public pls :(
  11. Give suggestions. We make scripts from the suggestions you users give us.
  12. when are you guys going to released more money making bot for vitality??
  13. Hello, Today Vitality has relaunched their server and have coined it as Vitality v2.0. Today marks the day where we have released support for their v2.0 release. With this release we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our supporters by giving them a head start on botting and making money on Vitality. As such we have made Vitality restricted to VIP++, Sponsor, and Script writer ranks for at least the 1st week of their v2.0 release. Zenyte has received a fix to banking: banking stopped working and now is fully working! Upcoming Increasing script run time and session amount for regular Members Releasing Alora support for our VIP++ members and above. I can't release Alora until I receive my internet back as I need to do some more heavy testing and am currently using a Wifi Hotspot. Until then.... Happy botting!
  14. Earlier
  15. Love the update posts, Nice to see improvements!
  16. Great update. Keep up the good work.
  17. Hey guys, Today I've re-released the bot client for Novea by updating it. I've also released updates for Osps and Vitality which include major click fixes with certain objects and npcs. All of these servers also include the last known changes for crashes. If you're still experiencing crashes, please use the built-in client logging system to report your error log directly to me using the Bug tracker: https://simplebot.org/forums/index.php?/bug-tracker/ Whats next? As these changes have finally been perfected and finished, I'm now working on releasing support for Alora and then RuneWild after. Stay tuned!!! Happy Botting!
  18. If all goes well, Zenyte will be receiving this patch next meaning the patch will be live on all servers/apis/frameworks. Please keep me posted with error logs guys
  19. Hey guys, To keep it short just so everyone is aware, I've phased the osps changes into vitality. Please report any issues directly to me via the forums or discord pm. Please let me know anything in regards to click accuracy and crashing. For the list of changes: Edit: New Logging System Happy Botting!
  20. Welcome back from vacation! Glad to see a solid update to fix some issues!
  21. Great! Thanks for the updates Rem, hope you has a great vacation.
  22. Thanks mate. The OS scripts are much quicker now.
  23. Thanks for the update, bro. Appreciate it.
  24. Hey guys, As you guys may have noticed a lot of issues had arisen whilst I was gone on vacation the past few days, but I'm finally back home and have pushed some much needed bug fixes. Fixed scripts not showing on the SDN Fixed huge delays with interactions on OSPS Fixed some bugs with Zenyte and Vitality that would stop you from logging into the client if you had OSPS access Fixed an issue not allowing users who had purchased Nate's PK Helper from using it Changed some images on the script selector that were showing white backgrounds Update As you all know from the discord server I have stated that a lot of things are in the works, but if you aren't in the discord here's what I had posted. Sorry I hadn't posted it here earlier as I had restricted access to my computer while I was away. Happy Botting and Stay Tuned!!!!! #SimpleBot
  25. We have now released our own Bug Tracker. we are able to track bugs easier via the new one
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