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  4. Thanks for the release! Better get on it I guess. Ill release when I can baby's taking over atm but be back soon
  5. You also need to be on HD mode to run scripts for alora.
  6. Scripters have to release some scripts for alora first.
  7. Disable all of your plugins except for simplebot.
  8. I'm able to get in after a couple of tries but why is all the scripts broken? Like none of them works.
  9. I did, then I played for around 5 mins to make sure. Went back to SIMPLEBOT, It launches, I log in fine and then it's stuck when I click "Click here to play" and freeze. This is my first attempt at the bot, I can't say it worked before. BUT, I can say I that vitality works fine. Tested just to see if i wasn't doing a whole thing wrong. Confirm only ALORA does that. Edit : Tried 07SD, 07HD, 10SD, 10HD none work. I head in game sounds for like a split second after clicking "Click here to play" and then freeze.
  10. If you're getting a black screen when loading alora, please run their official client at least once, before running simplebot!
  11. Hello Simplebotter! Today is an amazing day for all of you! Alora is officially here and is free for all users to use! Now there are a few reasons why Alora is currently unrestricted, currently there are a ton of bugs with the client, Alora's runelite is super janky and is nothing close to an official runelite. Thus, there are bugs which is what this release is for. Alora will be free for a while but please report all of your bugs with it directly on the forums. Now tell your family and friends about this and lets get some bots and scripts up for Alora! NOTE: To run Alora select 2010 mode and HD Graphics. Report bugs here: https://simplebot.org/forums/index.php?/bug-tracker/ Happy botting!
  12. Is the client being updated. It keeps telling me the version is outdated? I downloaded it from the website multiple times. Thanks.
  13. I would buy it... it’s a really good script, just think the method has been killed by making it public release. it was abused too early and now staff monitor the places 24/7. you almost need to remove it for 3/4 days, make changes that have been said perfect it then release it premium. That way staff think it’s gone or people aren’t doing it, then only ones who pay get the benefit.
  14. Hey guys, Last night I had released a patch to unlimit Vitality but forgot to remove some things. But now vitality is free to all. I've also removed the session limit on Vitality for all users. You can now bot on an unlimited amount of accounts on vitality, but you're run-time is still restricted by your rank! Enjoy! This is not permanent! Unlimited may be revoked at any time! Happy Botting
  15. the issue will be investigated by @Reminisce is awake
  16. now i get the script selection thingy when before i didn't,but whenever i try to run a script it logs me out and says you need sponsor or vip+ to bot on this server,any idea?
  17. The slayer script probably should go premium so people don't abuse it yeah
  18. I really think only the basic scripts (non money makers) should be public access with no ranks. By having no ranks it makes a lot of methods less viable due to it being over crowded, as well as Staff drop the ban hammer on areas. EG- Slayer script. I managed to get 5 accounts within the first day of release to 99, after more people botted it, the method is no longer viable due to being camped by bots in every location. Staff know this and just ban people even if you AFK it.
  19. You can purchase zulrah script for $100 from Rem. However releasing to general public would be a joke and just abused.
  20. Vip+ rank is no longer required for botting on Vitality! Happy botting!
  21. We are enabling it next week. (We will announce when).
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