SimpleBot Version 3.0.0 is finally out! Please enjoy your easy access to proxies and more!

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[Update] [Change-Log] SimpleBot Version 3.6.0
Hey guys,

Hope you all are doing well and are keeping safe. Lots of changes have come in this patch and a lot of changes I forgot to take note of and have been changed, sorry about that I'm trying to get better at taking note of everything I change. Without further ado, here's the changelog

- Various bug fixes and crash reduction patches
- Memeory usage reduction
- Fixed the Portal API, now no scripts should have trouble teleporting
- Possible fix for clicking objects out of render distance
- Huge improvement to `` method, will no longer hang with search bar open
- Changed default mouse speed to 85%
- New additions to the `ctx.pathing` class
- distanceTo#
- distanceTo2D#
- createLocalPath# (this is a very expensive call)
- nextPathTile#
- pointOnMap#
- plane#
- Removed some deprecated methods from the API
- Removed left-over debug print statements from the API
- Added a new data structure to the api `SimplePair<K, V>` a mimic of the Tuple in Python

- Added script data directories using the `getStorageDirectory#` function in the `Script` Class
- Added a new Script interface called `LoopingScript` with the ability to change how fast scripts run
- int loopDuration# (ranged from 150ms to 1000ms)
- Fixed issue with Mouse events not getting registered for script paints

Happy botting!
Hypeeeee Big Grin
Thanks for this man Smile
Awesome Big Grin
Very nice update
Yeah boyyy ? nice work Rem!
Good stuff!
oh nice.
good work rem!! Thank you!

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