SimpleBot Version 3.0.0 is finally out! Please enjoy your easy access to proxies and more!

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[Update] [Change-Log] SimpleBot Version 3.3
Hey guys,
Hope everyone is doing well, staying safe, and social distances so we can all beat this virus! With that said, a small half finished update is out for y'all because everyone is complaining about mouse speed :p. Hopefully with this update out of the way I can focus on the next full big update coming soon (v4.0? maybe???????!!!!!). A full list of changes are down below!
[*]EVIL BOB IS NOW FUNCTIONAL FOR ZENYTE! The long awaited random event patch thanks to @wrrion15 a.k.a Daniel
[*]Mouse speed! You can now change your mouse speed via the new panel in the SimpleBot Rune-lite Client panel.
[*]Small improvements to possibly reduce crashing for certain users
[*]Evil bob setting has been moved from the anti-ban gui to the new settings panel

Sorry for the small change-log y'all been busy with exams and school work. Will be dishing out very big changes soon^tm so stay tuned!
Good job Big Grin
Aesome job!! Thank you!!
The Master :=) love where this is going u started this and didnt took it that serious now ur crashing the whole market Big Grin

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