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[Update] [Change-Log] SimpleBot Version 2.3

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Hey guys,

The new year is coming up so, here are some goodies for y'all to have fun with before the new year! New year new API! LOL! I'm kidding xD no new API :P. Hope you all enjoy the New Year and set some attainable goals for yourselves!

- Equipment API Rework: redid the equipment api which now removes the need to have the equipment tab open to check your currently equipped gear 
- SimpleItem rework: reworked how item clicking works, removed the need of checking what tab is currently opened before interacting with items, the bot will now
automatically switch tabs for you. Fixed the `validateInteractable()` method for all SimpleItem's to now properly validate items. Fixed the `visibleOnScreen()` method
as well which will not properly tell you if an item is visible or not.
- Added a new boolean method to `SimpleItem` and `SimpleGroundItem` `isStackable()` to define whether or not an item is stackable or not
- Added to new methods to `SimpleNpc` `getHealth()` and `getHealthRatio()` to grab the health of an npc if it's health bar is visible
- Added a new method to `SimpleInventory` aka `ctx.inventory` named `boolean canPickupItem(SimpleGroundItem groundItem)` which will return if you have enough space in your inventory
taking stackability and amount in your inventory into account
- Added a new method to `TaskScript` named `String getScriptStatus()` which returns the name of the last executed tasks' name
- Fixed Framework input blocker, now will automagically block input on script start, pause, and stop. Also fixed the issue with it not correctly being enabled/disabled and fixed it from randomly being changed
- Fixed the bot panel script log to now automatically scroll to the top of the text field when new output is logged
- Added a method to the SimpleQuery class named `toStream()` which will return your current query as a `Stream`
- Fixed an issue with Evil-Bob registering you inside of the event when you're not in the proper region
- Fixed a small issue with `ctx.shop` not buying or selling in the quantity of 10.
- Added two new methods to `ctx.mouse` named `boolean blockInput(boolean block)` which will change whether input is being blocked or not and `boolean blockingInput()` to return if input is currently being blocked or not
- Fixed an issue with `ctx.dialogue.clickDialogueOption(int)` returns an AOBE error. Now will properly work using the new dialogue api released in v2.0
- Fixed an issue with checking if `autoRetaliate()` was enabled or not
- Updated `ctx.inventory.inventoryFull()` and `ctx.inventory.getFreeSlots()` to no longer populate the query
- Increased the max 2D-distance tiles can be between for `ctx.pathing.walkPath()` to 12 from the previous 10
- Fixed an issue with Withdraw-`Amount` with banking, would withdraw previous X-option if it was e.g. Withdraw-44 and you specified Withdraw-4
- Fixed an issue with the bot trying to click on things out of render distance
- Implemented a possible fix to the Bob-Island random event
- Added an option inside of the anti-ban gui for disabling the Evil-Bob event solver
- Improved the `ctx.portalTeleports.sendTeleport()` method to improve it's ability to send a teleport
- Fixed a few Null pointer exceptions with the dialogue API `ctx.dialogue`

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