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[Update] [Change-Log] SimpleBot Version 2.2

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Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/holidays, I've released a decent patch today check out the change-log below to see whats been changed/updated.

- Made `ctx.paint.getImage#` cache images for the scripter so you can freely use the method without having to store a bufferedimage
- Fixed all projectile detection for Zenyte
- BIG UPDATE: Fixed how the SimpleBot paint for scripts are rendered. Fixed the paint offset and made things take zoom into account for. Paint should be stunning now!
- HUGE UPDATE: Updated NPC clickboxes how they are calculated and the size of them. They should now be much bigger allowing for less misclicks and
stops the chance of the client from crashing due to runelite click-boxes which is a major cause of client crashes.
- Added a new method to `ctx.paint` for drawing a npc's and object matrix `ctx.paint.drawNpcMatrix#` & `ctx.paint.drawObjectMatrix#`
- Improved null checking for object click boxes, not perfected but will still continue to work on it to reduce crashes.
- Added `ctx.antiBan` which provides a few methods for identifying staff members and nearby staff

Lova y'all!

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Our developers are the most active of any RSPS bot developers, we're adding new features and keeping it updated constantly.


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