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[Vitality Update] Vitality API Updated & More

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Hey guys,

Small patch notes for the Vitality API and client. Going to try and keep it short so here's the small list.

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed all of the bugs pertaining to the vitality banking api. The last client update they had released had broke the banking api.
  • Fixed the small bug where toggling special attack would toggle auto retaliate
  • Fixed `ctx.pathing.inMotion()` hook for vitality.
  • Remove the annoying client debug message `var0 = XXXX` which the vitality devs had left inside of their client
  • Added a new method to tell whether an item is selected or not `ctx.inventory.itemSelectionState()` `0 = no item selected, 1 = an item in your inv is selected`

Future Update For All Servers:

  • A new trading API is in the works
  • A new log system is now in the works
  • An updated version of the docs is going to be released in the next few days
  • More to come soon!

Thanks for reading and happy botting!

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Great patch m8, I think you forgot to mention inMotion fix though.

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1 hour ago, Enzin said:

Great patch m8, I think you forgot to mention inMotion fix though.

Thank you totally forgot to mention that xD. I've updated the patches.

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thanks bud

🎮  Script Tester - Frontend Developer 🛠️

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