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[Update] [Change-Log] SimpleBot Version 3.3

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Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing well, staying safe, and social distances so we can all beat this virus! With that said, a small half finished update is out for y'all because everyone is complaining about mouse speed :P. Hopefully with this update out of the way I can focus on the next full big update coming soon (v4.0? maybe???????!!!!!). A full list of changes are down below!

[*]EVIL BOB IS NOW FUNCTIONAL FOR ZENYTE! The long awaited random event patch thanks to @wrrion15 a.k.a Daniel
[*]Mouse speed! You can now change your mouse speed via the new panel in the SimpleBot Rune-lite Client panel.
[*]Small improvements to possibly reduce crashing for certain users
[*]Evil bob setting has been moved from the anti-ban gui to the new settings panel


Sorry for the small change-log y'all been busy with exams and school work. Will be dishing out very big changes soon^tm so stay tuned!

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The Master :=) love where this is going u started this and didnt took it that serious now ur crashing the whole market :D

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SimpleBot is a Runescape Private Server Bot provider which supports servers that use Rune-Lite as a client.


Our developers are the most active of any RSPS bot developers, we're adding new features and keeping it updated constantly.


Our powerful API allows scripters to create the most advanced scripts available on the market.

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