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  1. Request scripts here: https://simplebot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/14-script-requests/
  2. This was only released Yesterday, we will post another thread when this has been changed to free.
  3. We have now released our own Bug Tracker. we are able to track bugs easier via the new one
  4. Simplebotters, I have a small QOL update today, 1) Redesigned the Submissions page. (This is stage 1/3). 2) You can now amend the SDN Server support list for your script via the EDIT dialog. Thanks, Ben
  5. Thank you for clarifying this up Rem! Hopefully crashes will be put in the past soon :). Happy botting guys.
  6. Scripts are already added, anyone can create scripts. we have over 100 Zenyte scripts available I believe work has started on this, not sure on the time scale
  7. Zaros will be added don't worry!
  8. We don't send packets, we don't send anything to the game for them to detect, which no one has tried before. Lets see how they handle us. just watch a see
  9. All, 1. Removed the paging from the SDN. 2. Removed the Myscripts Page. 3. Added 4 new filter options to the top of the SDN page. 4. Added announcements to the top of the SDN. 5. Added Discord & Docs to the top nav bar. 6. Changed the SDN design so it now loads 3 scripts in a line. 7. Fixed the navigation hover (The page you are on will now show as blue on the side bar). 8. Changed the Navigation bar icons. 9. Redesigned the buttons on the script cards to show icons as a default but text will show on hover. 10. Re-coded the search box, you can now search for Scripter Name, Script Name, Script Category. link: https://simplebot.org/sdn Thanks, Ben
  10. Ben

    [Release] SDN 1.2.0

    SDN 1.2.0 1) Released My Scripts page. 2) Added the functionality so you can add a forum URL to your Script so it can direct people to your forum thread 3) Moderators can no longer accept VIP+ Scripts. 4) Removed the Category search and filter option from the SDN, this will be added back with zero bugs next time. (Sorry about that). 5) When you click more info on a script you can now see the Scripter name. I have also done a lot of Back end changes which you can't see. Pictures; Thanks, Ben
  11. Hello, I have just released a small update to the SDN so script creators can see there own uploaded scripts. URL: https://simplebot.org/sdn/myscripts Thanks, Ben
  12. 1: What server(s) do we support? A: Zenyte, Vitality, Kodai, Battlescape, Novea, OldschoolRSPS 2: What scripts do you have? A: https://simplebot.org/sdn 3: Do you have Discord? A: Yes https://discordapp.com/invite/Av5avwf 4: Can you support servers that don't have Runelite? A: This isn't something we currently support but it is something we are willing to change in the future, if it is what the community want. 5: Can you get banned for using this Bot? A: Yes if you aren't careful, some users have been using SimpleBot for months and they haven't been banned yet. 6: How do i become a scripter? A: You need to upload at least 2 Normal Scripts & 1 VIP script. 7: Can anyone upload a Premium script? A: No, you need to be a script writer to upload Premium scripts. 8: Are you releasing new servers soon? A: Yes, we are currently working on OldschoolRSPS & Alora. We don't have any expected release date yet. This will be updated when ever we get more constantly asked questions. Thanks, Ben
  13. Simplebotters, We have just released a hotfix to fix the VIP++ rank issue, please restart your clients! Happy Botting! Thanks, Ben
  14. Hi All, I thought it would be best to get a quick update out to you regarding the website. 1) We have now migrated over to IPB from MyBB (Praise the lord). With this update we have had to make huge changes to our core infrastructure. Rewritten the whole Client Login API. Rewritten the way the forums interact with the website 2) We have also released our new SDN. The API can only be viewed when logged into your forums account. Banned users are unable to view the SDN, you aren't that lucky . You can view ALL scripts that we have available with some detail regarding them. Uploading scripts to Discord is now a thing of the past. Staff can now approve and delete scripts in real time. Responsive design (You are able to view scripts on your phone/tablet/pc without any formatting issues. When scripts are uploaded they won't appear on the client scripts dir instantly. They need to bew reviewed and accepted. We will hopefully have an update regarding Script Writer ranks coming soon and how they will be obtainable. We are open to suggestions regarding the SDN, the current suggestion list is below. Add the ability to search script via Server name. Integrate more JS into the front end to make the user journey more smooth. Fix some known backend/front issues. We are still working on the client side migration to make this update work like it did before. Hopefully have an update out in a couple of hours. Thanks, Ben/Zalox
  15. Hello my fellow botters! I just want to let you know what we changed within the new Launcher; 1) The Launcher is now supported by Windows, Linux, & Mac OS. (we have done endless testing around this area). 2) New launcher UI. 3) All server files (API, Client, & Framework) are now stored in the assets folder, this the names of the files wont change anymore so this will be easier for scripters. 4) The download of the files when you first launch the client is now the fastest we can offer! (Sorry for the recent slowness around this area). 5) The new launcher is dynamic so we can remove/add server support without any client updates. NOTE: Launcher now requires you to login with your forum credentials on first launch but if you click (Remember Me) this won't appear again. Upcoming updates; 1) New Store (More information coming soon!). 2) More API changes/fixes. 3) AND A LOT MORE! Happy botting, SimpleBot Management Team.


SimpleBot is a Runescape Private Server Bot provider which supports servers that use Rune-Lite as a client.


Our developers are the most active of any RSPS bot developers, we're adding new features and keeping it updated constantly.


Our powerful API allows scripters to create the most advanced scripts available on the market.

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