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  1. Hey guys, So it seems that a lot of you guys have our announcements channel in discord on mute so I'm posting this topic to let users know that we are currently down and here's the reason why. Thank you for your patience, we are working hard to get this update out as fast as possible so you all can go back to botting!
  2. Hey guys, As a result of the massive influx of lurking server staff members infiltrating our discord server and even purchasing VIP++/Sponsor ranks to hide themselves to better find botters to ban we have decided to revoke all VIP ranks from the discord server. Don't worry, you can receive your rank again in the discord server but you'll have to do the following. All VIP users must Private message me on the forums and NOT on discord using the following format to receive your discord rank back. Format: Forums name: Discord name: Paypal Transaction ID: ANY REQUEST/PRIVATE MESSAGE SENT NOT USING THIS FORMAT WILL NOT BE LOOKED AT OR RESPONDED TO! Example: Forums name: Reminisce Discord name: Reminisce#1707 Paypal Transaction ID: 5555-5555-5555 We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but, we are aiming to provide a safer environment for all of our VIP/Sponsor members by doing as such. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, The staff team.
  3. My script is on the SDN RAbyss crafter that is for Zenyte and for vip+. Use that instead.
  4. Great work! Keep it up, code is clean and logically thought out. Jar the script and I'll upload it to the SDN!


SimpleBot is a Runescape Private Server Bot provider which supports servers that use Rune-Lite as a client.


Our developers are the most active of any RSPS bot developers, we're adding new features and keeping it updated constantly.


Our powerful API allows scripters to create the most advanced scripts available on the market.

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