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  1. Hey guys, To keep this short as I'm on my phone, we have just launched support for OldschoolPS as our very first premium server. Lots of great scripts to come once some script writers get their hands on the server. Proxy support will be added when I get back home from vacation as I don't have the proper tools on my laptop with me. Please report any bugs you guys encounter with the client directly to me via discord or through pm on the forums. Store page: https://simplebot.org/forums/index.php?/store/ Store Osps: Happy botting!
  2. Open the network panel on our client's script panel. The network button and enter in your proxy settings.
  3. Hey guys, To keep this short as I am currently on vacation, I have released a patch for the vitality client which should have fixed the banking issue and I have also released the fix for our Vitality Proxy support. You should now be able to use your proxies to play on vitality through the SimpleBot panel. Happy Botting!
  4. The Issue: There has been a lingering issue that has been going around for a while with our client where the client will suddenly crash out of no where for some users and when asking for help we have just directed you guys to the forums to find the several guides that different users have posted in the past. These guides that users have made have helped some users but weren't an end all be all solution as they didn't work for all users. Throughout time I have released several different patches in an effort to resolve this issue and although the crashes have been reduced/have been fixed for a majority of users it did not resolve the issue for all users. As such, I have been working hard at resolving the issue these past few weeks by taking a deep look at our client and API in an effort to finding out what's been causing these issues. Our Explanation: Although it may have seemed that we have been neglecting this issue for a while, this is actually very far from the truth. Since the rise of this issue we have constantly been rolling out minor patches inside of the client in an effort to fix this issue. With the upcoming release of very big servers we have been wanting to make this issue a thing of the past so you all can enjoy your botting experience without this hassle. As such, I have taken time out of working towards supporting Old-school PS to work on this issue and make sure it is solved for good. Our Solution: To resolve this issue, without getting into too many details, I have devised a three step solution to solve this issue. To further explain, 3 different patches will be released, each edging towards the solution of this issue. Phase Alpha: This phase will include a patch to the client which will introduce a few data collection logs in the back-end of our client to help us figure out what is happening with the client. The client will ONLY be logging the following: (No sensitive information will be logged) Memory usage and allocation Script runtime Information regarding the script that is being used Error collection upon a client crash This phase will also include a small patch to possibly fix crashing Phase Indigo: This patch will introduce a new change to our scripting back-end system to reduce memory usage and reduce CPU usage This patch will also introduce changes to our mouse clicking system and include several improvements to the bots click accuracy This patch will also include changes to how we calculate click boxes to reduce cpu usage This patch will also include changes on how we load scripts to reduce memory usage and changes on how we store data during runtime to help with memory utilization Phase Omega: Information on this phase will be announced after the completion of phases alpha and indigo. I have a lot of things in store for this phase but to keep it short: Rewrite of the whole SimpleBot Framework and API This rewrite will keep the functionality of all of our scripts and systems. Conclusion: We aren't hiding from this issue and we are fully embracing the fact that this issue is a thing and that it does indeed exist, but we are using this opportunity to let everyone know about the issue and to tell everyone what we have in store for this issue and our plans going forward to fix it. We hope that this will allow us to come out on top and ask for your patience. I am not only working on supporting and maintaining our servers but also fixing pre exisiting issues, it isn't as simple as click of a button or a change of 1 line of code. If that was the case, this would have never been a thing. Thanks for reading this and I hope this clears some things up for you guys. Happy Botting! Love, Reminisce
  5. Hey guys, Just wanted to make a quick poll to see where you guys would like to see our focus aimed at. Potential new servers: Alora Will be a premium server Has runelite support Would be our first non-osrs server we support Oldschool-RSPS Will be a premium server Has runelite support Roatpkz Will be a premium server Doesn't have runelite support Please vote on the poll above and let us know down below what sever you want added and why. If a server you want support added for isn't listed here, please comment down below and let us know the name and player count, THE SERVER DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE RUNELITE SUPPORT.
  6. Hey SimpleBotter, SimpleBot now officially supports the Server `Sinhaza`! To start botting on this server please open your loader and select the server and hit launch! Please report all issues you experience with this client preferably on the forums but discord works as well :). Happy botting!
  7. Hello, OUR SDN IS BACK ONLINE, OUR HOST HAS FIXED THE ISSUES. We apologize for the downtime, thank you for your continuous patience. Happy botting!
  8. Hello, Please guys we usually post all of our updates and issues regarding to the bot in our #announcements channel inside of our discord server. WE AIM AT KEEPING YOU GUYS UPDATED WHEN THINGS ARE GOING WRONG AND AS SUCH WE ALWAYS DO! We are trying to contact our host for the past 2 hours but no response yet. Please be patient with us. Thank you for you patience guys!
  9. Edit: You might not be able to use your premium scripts anymore as our migration did not handle premium script transfers. Just pm me with your with your script purchase details either on discord or here on the forums and I will happily fix that up for you ASAP!
  10. Hello SimpleBotter, Today marks the day of our new v4.0 update. This update includes our massive update to our website and the back-end of our client. As you may be able to tell already, our forums has received a huge overhaul and so has our landing page. Let's skip the formalities and get to the list of changes we've made. Changes: Brand new website landing page Our website now utilizes https protocol rather than the insecure http protocol Our forums have been upgraded from MyBB to IPB Brand new SDN(Script directory network) in which all of our scripts are displayed in a clean and sleek manner and now all users are able to post public scripts and update them without using our old discord system. All payments including ranks and premium scripts are now automated All clients are now up to date including the latest patches for all servers All clients will no longer disable all of your runelite plugins upon launch The client now has a disable all plugins button within the settings tab All vip ranks have now been removed(This change needed to be done for the longevity of our service, if you'd like to discuss this please feel free to pm me) Stability improvements and several bug fixes made internally Although this change log may seem small for the time it took us to release this update, I can assure you that changing forums from MyBB to IPB was no easy task especially when all of our back-end systems relied on our old systems which were written for MyBB. To use the latest version of simple bot please update your launcher to the latest version To download the updated launcher: Visit: https://simplebot.org/ Happy Botting!
  11. We are intending on making it so you must have a forums thread when uploading your script. Nice suggestion!
  12. Hey guys, Hope you all are doing well and are keeping safe. Lots of changes have come in this patch and a lot of changes I forgot to take note of and have been changed, sorry about that I'm trying to get better at taking note of everything I change. Without further ado, here's the changelog - Various bug fixes and crash reduction patches - Memeory usage reduction - Fixed the Portal API, now no scripts should have trouble teleporting - Possible fix for clicking objects out of render distance - Huge improvement to `ctx.bank.withdraw` method, will no longer hang with search bar open - Changed default mouse speed to 85% - New additions to the `ctx.pathing` class - distanceTo# - distanceTo2D# - createLocalPath# (this is a very expensive call) - nextPathTile# - pointOnMap# - plane# - Removed some deprecated methods from the API - Removed left-over debug print statements from the API - Added a new data structure to the api `SimplePair` a mimic of the Tuple in Python - Added script data directories using the `getStorageDirectory#` function in the `Script` Class - Added a new Script interface called `LoopingScript` with the ability to change how fast scripts run - int loopDuration# (ranged from 150ms to 1000ms) - Fixed issue with Mouse events not getting registered for script paints Happy botting!
  13. Hey guys, As a result of the massive influx of lurking server staff members infiltrating our discord server and even purchasing VIP++/Sponsor ranks to hide themselves to better find botters to ban we have decided to revoke all VIP ranks from the discord server. Don't worry, you can receive your rank again in the discord server but you'll have to do the following. All VIP users must Private message me on the forums and NOT on discord using the following format to receive your discord rank back. Format: Forums name: Discord name: Paypal Transaction ID: ANY REQUEST/PRIVATE MESSAGE SENT NOT USING THIS FORMAT WILL NOT BE LOOKED AT OR RESPONDED TO! Example: Forums name: Reminisce Discord name: Reminisce#1707 Paypal Transaction ID: 5555-5555-5555 We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but, we are aiming to provide a safer environment for all of our VIP/Sponsor members by doing as such. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, The staff team.


SimpleBot is a Runescape Private Server Bot provider which supports servers that use Rune-Lite as a client.


Our developers are the most active of any RSPS bot developers, we're adding new features and keeping it updated constantly.


Our powerful API allows scripters to create the most advanced scripts available on the market.

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