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    The Issue: There has been a lingering issue that has been going around for a while with our client where the client will suddenly crash out of no where for some users and when asking for help we have just directed you guys to the forums to find the several guides that different users have posted in the past. These guides that users have made have helped some users but weren't an end all be all solution as they didn't work for all users. Throughout time I have released several different patches in an effort to resolve this issue and although the crashes have been reduced/have been fixed for a majority of users it did not resolve the issue for all users. As such, I have been working hard at resolving the issue these past few weeks by taking a deep look at our client and API in an effort to finding out what's been causing these issues. Our Explanation: Although it may have seemed that we have been neglecting this issue for a while, this is actually very far from the truth. Since the rise of this issue we have constantly been rolling out minor patches inside of the client in an effort to fix this issue. With the upcoming release of very big servers we have been wanting to make this issue a thing of the past so you all can enjoy your botting experience without this hassle. As such, I have taken time out of working towards supporting Old-school PS to work on this issue and make sure it is solved for good. Our Solution: To resolve this issue, without getting into too many details, I have devised a three step solution to solve this issue. To further explain, 3 different patches will be released, each edging towards the solution of this issue. Phase Alpha: This phase will include a patch to the client which will introduce a few data collection logs in the back-end of our client to help us figure out what is happening with the client. The client will ONLY be logging the following: (No sensitive information will be logged) Memory usage and allocation Script runtime Information regarding the script that is being used Error collection upon a client crash This phase will also include a small patch to possibly fix crashing Phase Indigo: This patch will introduce a new change to our scripting back-end system to reduce memory usage and reduce CPU usage This patch will also introduce changes to our mouse clicking system and include several improvements to the bots click accuracy This patch will also include changes to how we calculate click boxes to reduce cpu usage This patch will also include changes on how we load scripts to reduce memory usage and changes on how we store data during runtime to help with memory utilization Phase Omega: Information on this phase will be announced after the completion of phases alpha and indigo. I have a lot of things in store for this phase but to keep it short: Rewrite of the whole SimpleBot Framework and API This rewrite will keep the functionality of all of our scripts and systems. Conclusion: We aren't hiding from this issue and we are fully embracing the fact that this issue is a thing and that it does indeed exist, but we are using this opportunity to let everyone know about the issue and to tell everyone what we have in store for this issue and our plans going forward to fix it. We hope that this will allow us to come out on top and ask for your patience. I am not only working on supporting and maintaining our servers but also fixing pre exisiting issues, it isn't as simple as click of a button or a change of 1 line of code. If that was the case, this would have never been a thing. Thanks for reading this and I hope this clears some things up for you guys. Happy Botting! Love, Reminisce
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    Hey guys, Small patch notes for new Vitality update Added new teleporting system to vitality to help script writers use the vitality teleportation wizard: Added more null checks to the local player to avoid certain bugs and issues Added a new check to help users ensure they are using the proper java version that being version 8 General bug fixes and stability improvements Happy botting!
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    Hey guys, To keep this short as I am currently on vacation, I have released a patch for the vitality client which should have fixed the banking issue and I have also released the fix for our Vitality Proxy support. You should now be able to use your proxies to play on vitality through the SimpleBot panel. Happy Botting!
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    SDN 1.2.0 1) Released My Scripts page. 2) Added the functionality so you can add a forum URL to your Script so it can direct people to your forum thread 3) Moderators can no longer accept VIP+ Scripts. 4) Removed the Category search and filter option from the SDN, this will be added back with zero bugs next time. (Sorry about that). 5) When you click more info on a script you can now see the Scripter name. I have also done a lot of Back end changes which you can't see. Pictures; Thanks, Ben
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    Hello SimpleBotters, Today we are announcing something that we are going to be working on in the next couple of months SimpleBot Management Studio. SimpleBot Management Studio will replace the SDN and bring a lot more functionality to the website. I have supplied a small list of things that we are going to be releasing with SimpleBot Management Studio. 1) Complete Script viewer re-design. 2) You will now need to assign scripts to your profile, they will no longer show within the Script viewer by default. 3) Rewrite the Script viewer backend. This is needed to support a lot of suggestions we get regarding the current SDN. 4) Bot online checker, (You can check if your account that you are botting on is still online etc). 5) You will be able to kill the bot from the website (Force close SimpleBot). And many more! Enjoy this small preview of the re-design; Thank you, Ben
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    Hey guys, As you guys may have noticed a lot of issues had arisen whilst I was gone on vacation the past few days, but I'm finally back home and have pushed some much needed bug fixes. Fixed scripts not showing on the SDN Fixed huge delays with interactions on OSPS Fixed some bugs with Zenyte and Vitality that would stop you from logging into the client if you had OSPS access Fixed an issue not allowing users who had purchased Nate's PK Helper from using it Changed some images on the script selector that were showing white backgrounds Update As you all know from the discord server I have stated that a lot of things are in the works, but if you aren't in the discord here's what I had posted. Sorry I hadn't posted it here earlier as I had restricted access to my computer while I was away. Happy Botting and Stay Tuned!!!!! #SimpleBot
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    Hey guys, Due to the constant battle with OSPS I will not list anything in this patch but, I'd like to let you guys know that we have released a new update for this server. What I can list is: proxy support and mac-address spoofing and some api bug fixes and tweaks! Thanks for understanding guys! Happy botting!
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    Hello, I have just released a small update to the SDN so script creators can see there own uploaded scripts. URL: https://simplebot.org/sdn/myscripts Thanks, Ben
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    Hello, Today Vitality has relaunched their server and have coined it as Vitality v2.0. Today marks the day where we have released support for their v2.0 release. With this release we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our supporters by giving them a head start on botting and making money on Vitality. As such we have made Vitality restricted to VIP++, Sponsor, and Script writer ranks for at least the 1st week of their v2.0 release. Zenyte has received a fix to banking: banking stopped working and now is fully working! Upcoming Increasing script run time and session amount for regular Members Releasing Alora support for our VIP++ members and above. I can't release Alora until I receive my internet back as I need to do some more heavy testing and am currently using a Wifi Hotspot. Until then.... Happy botting!
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    Version 4.9 Patch notes Login details now load dynamically throughout all servers, no more need to retype login details when logging in to a new server Fixed an error with the walking api which would cause a stack overflow New goodies inside of the ctx.magic api Several bug fixes DROPPED SUPPORT FOR BATTLESCAPE: The server is dead and uses fake player count Happy botting!
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    Hey guys, Small patch notes for the Vitality API and client. Going to try and keep it short so here's the small list. Patch Notes: Fixed all of the bugs pertaining to the vitality banking api. The last client update they had released had broke the banking api. Fixed the small bug where toggling special attack would toggle auto retaliate Fixed `ctx.pathing.inMotion()` hook for vitality. Remove the annoying client debug message `var0 = XXXX` which the vitality devs had left inside of their client Added a new method to tell whether an item is selected or not `ctx.inventory.itemSelectionState()` `0 = no item selected, 1 = an item in your inv is selected` Future Update For All Servers: A new trading API is in the works A new log system is now in the works An updated version of the docs is going to be released in the next few days More to come soon! Thanks for reading and happy botting!
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    Hey guys, To keep this short as I'm on my phone, we have just launched support for OldschoolPS as our very first premium server. Lots of great scripts to come once some script writers get their hands on the server. Proxy support will be added when I get back home from vacation as I don't have the proper tools on my laptop with me. Please report any bugs you guys encounter with the client directly to me via discord or through pm on the forums. Store page: https://simplebot.org/forums/index.php?/store/ Store Osps: Happy botting!
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    Hi All, I thought it would be best to get a quick update out to you regarding the website. 1) We have now migrated over to IPB from MyBB (Praise the lord). With this update we have had to make huge changes to our core infrastructure. Rewritten the whole Client Login API. Rewritten the way the forums interact with the website 2) We have also released our new SDN. The API can only be viewed when logged into your forums account. Banned users are unable to view the SDN, you aren't that lucky . You can view ALL scripts that we have available with some detail regarding them. Uploading scripts to Discord is now a thing of the past. Staff can now approve and delete scripts in real time. Responsive design (You are able to view scripts on your phone/tablet/pc without any formatting issues. When scripts are uploaded they won't appear on the client scripts dir instantly. They need to bew reviewed and accepted. We will hopefully have an update regarding Script Writer ranks coming soon and how they will be obtainable. We are open to suggestions regarding the SDN, the current suggestion list is below. Add the ability to search script via Server name. Integrate more JS into the front end to make the user journey more smooth. Fix some known backend/front issues. We are still working on the client side migration to make this update work like it did before. Hopefully have an update out in a couple of hours. Thanks, Ben/Zalox
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    Hey guys, Today I've re-released the bot client for Novea by updating it. I've also released updates for Osps and Vitality which include major click fixes with certain objects and npcs. All of these servers also include the last known changes for crashes. If you're still experiencing crashes, please use the built-in client logging system to report your error log directly to me using the Bug tracker: https://simplebot.org/forums/index.php?/bug-tracker/ Whats next? As these changes have finally been perfected and finished, I'm now working on releasing support for Alora and then RuneWild after. Stay tuned!!! Happy Botting!
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    Simplebotters, I have a small QOL update today, 1) Redesigned the Submissions page. (This is stage 1/3). 2) You can now amend the SDN Server support list for your script via the EDIT dialog. Thanks, Ben
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    All, 1. Removed the paging from the SDN. 2. Removed the Myscripts Page. 3. Added 4 new filter options to the top of the SDN page. 4. Added announcements to the top of the SDN. 5. Added Discord & Docs to the top nav bar. 6. Changed the SDN design so it now loads 3 scripts in a line. 7. Fixed the navigation hover (The page you are on will now show as blue on the side bar). 8. Changed the Navigation bar icons. 9. Redesigned the buttons on the script cards to show icons as a default but text will show on hover. 10. Re-coded the search box, you can now search for Scripter Name, Script Name, Script Category. link: https://simplebot.org/sdn Thanks, Ben
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    Hey SimpleBotter, SimpleBot now officially supports the Server `Sinhaza`! To start botting on this server please open your loader and select the server and hit launch! Please report all issues you experience with this client preferably on the forums but discord works as well :). Happy botting!
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    We are intending on making it so you must have a forums thread when uploading your script. Nice suggestion!
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    Release: New 2.5.0 version has been released and now objects are way easier and better to deal with and various changes! [v2.5.0] - Fixed shadow objects, now a thing of the past! All objects are now able to be grabbed by name, id, and actions - Added client stability to object data gathering, should result in less crashes - Added a new prayer method that will not sleep till your prayer is actually activated - Various bug fixes and small improvements Love Y'all!
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    Change Log [9/29/19][6:50PM] Brand new Script explorer Scripters no longer need to export their scripts in order to test them, the new Script Explorer detects your scripts for you now Changed the Prayer API heavily, no longer needs the tab to be open to check prayer information, and no longer uses strings to activate or deactive prayers Added in the new Skills class to check boosted and real level in a skill via `ctx.skills#` All scripts now implement the paintable class for scripts to easily make paints for their scripts Script classes no longer require the scriptDefinitons method All Scripts now require for the class to be annotated with the @ ScriptManifest annotation in order to be ran/found in the script explorer
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    With the rise of members we have seen an increase in feature requests and bugs with our API and client. As such we would like to make it much easier for our Developers to track these issues to make sure they don't get lose either in the comments of a forums topic or in a discord channel. To bring forth this change, we are re-introducing our very own Bug Tracker. This issue tracker can be used to post bugs about anything simplebot related, whether it be a bug in the discord, SDN, forums, website, client or API, it's all issue tracker worthy. Not only are issues accepted here but, feature requests to any of the above are also encouraged. Please use the link below to do as such! https://simplebot.org/forums/index.php?/bug-tracker/ Please do not post bugs with scripts on this link, please find the scripts forums topic and post it there or contact the script writer directly! Happy Botting!
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    Thank you for the information, looking forward to the future of SimpleBot. Great work
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to make a quick poll to see where you guys would like to see our focus aimed at. Potential new servers: Alora Will be a premium server Has runelite support Would be our first non-osrs server we support Oldschool-RSPS Will be a premium server Has runelite support Roatpkz Will be a premium server Doesn't have runelite support Please vote on the poll above and let us know down below what sever you want added and why. If a server you want support added for isn't listed here, please comment down below and let us know the name and player count, THE SERVER DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE RUNELITE SUPPORT.
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    1: What server(s) do we support? A: Zenyte, Vitality, Kodai, Battlescape, Novea, OldschoolRSPS 2: What scripts do you have? A: https://simplebot.org/sdn 3: Do you have Discord? A: Yes https://discordapp.com/invite/Av5avwf 4: Can you support servers that don't have Runelite? A: This isn't something we currently support but it is something we are willing to change in the future, if it is what the community want. 5: Can you get banned for using this Bot? A: Yes if you aren't careful, some users have been using SimpleBot for months and they haven't been banned yet. 6: How do i become a scripter? A: You need to upload at least 2 Normal Scripts & 1 VIP script. 7: Can anyone upload a Premium script? A: No, you need to be a script writer to upload Premium scripts. 8: Are you releasing new servers soon? A: Yes, we are currently working on OldschoolRSPS & Alora. We don't have any expected release date yet. This will be updated when ever we get more constantly asked questions. Thanks, Ben
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    Hello SimpleBotter, Today marks the day of our new v4.0 update. This update includes our massive update to our website and the back-end of our client. As you may be able to tell already, our forums has received a huge overhaul and so has our landing page. Let's skip the formalities and get to the list of changes we've made. Changes: Brand new website landing page Our website now utilizes https protocol rather than the insecure http protocol Our forums have been upgraded from MyBB to IPB Brand new SDN(Script directory network) in which all of our scripts are displayed in a clean and sleek manner and now all users are able to post public scripts and update them without using our old discord system. All payments including ranks and premium scripts are now automated All clients are now up to date including the latest patches for all servers All clients will no longer disable all of your runelite plugins upon launch The client now has a disable all plugins button within the settings tab All vip ranks have now been removed(This change needed to be done for the longevity of our service, if you'd like to discuss this please feel free to pm me) Stability improvements and several bug fixes made internally Although this change log may seem small for the time it took us to release this update, I can assure you that changing forums from MyBB to IPB was no easy task especially when all of our back-end systems relied on our old systems which were written for MyBB. To use the latest version of simple bot please update your launcher to the latest version To download the updated launcher: Visit: https://simplebot.org/ Happy Botting!
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    Updated: 02/22/2020 Rule 1: Offensive Language/Excessive Profanities You are not permitted to use offensive, obscene, racist, foul, stereotypical, abusive, or derogatory language. If you say something that can be taken offensively by other members, or is intentionally aimed at a specific user, then you are liable to have action taken against you (with or without warning). This also classifies using offensive language towards other members as flame, which is not allowed. You may use profanities as long as they are not directly aimed at somebody and as long as they cannot be perceived as offensive by other users. You may not however use them excessively, be smart. Remember, cussing is one thing, but racial slurs are another. Context will not be taken into account during the usage of racial slurs. Rule 2: Flaming You are not allowed to say things directed towards other members that are meant to offend, hurt, or aggravate them. This includes offensive language, personal remarks, hurtful insults, etcetera. Rule 3: Trolling/Aggravation You are not permitted to make remarks that are meant to provoke a negative and/or emotional response from other members, disrupting the peace. We understand you may joke around, but please be smart and be sensitive to others. Irritating and/or aggravating others to a point where they too break the rules will result in a punishment for you, but not necessarily for them, since you were the one who instigated it. Rule 4: Respect Staff & Members You are to always respect staff. Saying someone doesn’t deserve their rank, or that someone else deserves it, is not allowed. If you feel someone is abusing their powers, please report them to Community Managers or Reminisce. Please treat other members with respect. Do not flame, troll, aggravate, or do any such actions that can result in a negative manner. If someone is breaking the rules, simply report them to Community Managers or Reminisce. Rule 5: Spamming Spamming is not allowed, Spamming can be classified as but is not limited to: Entering multiple messages with no relative meaning and/or point in the slightest. Entering a single message with no relative meaning and/or point in the slightest (repeatedly as well as once). Posting "special" character(s) that exceed the boundaries of regular text. Entering multiple messages to gain the attention of a member(s), or for any other reason. Speaking in languages other than the English language. Relaying messages from other (silenced/banned) members. Singing. We understand you may have a song stuck in your head, but please do not spam. One line from one user may be acceptable at times, but other than that it is not. Repeatedly posting links to a thread (specifically a help thread). Browser hijackers/annoying web pages (e.g. rick roll). Rule 6: Excessive Caps/Caps Lock You are not allowed to use excessive capital letters. Excessive caps will be determined by 10 word(Determined by no more than 10 string letters) intervals over a period of 10 minutes. Rule 7: Rank Discussion/Asking for Ranks You are not allowed to ask for a rank (with the exception of requesting a previous, non-staff rank back). By doing so you only hurt your chances of receiving it. Proposing and suggesting someone for a rank (e.g. Noele4Mod!) is not allowed either. If someone deserves a rank, they will receive it in due time. Rule 8: Posting Appeals & Relaying Messages Please do not post any links to a silence, ban, infraction, or forum ban appeal thread. They will be handled when a staff member can appropriately handle them. You are not allowed to relay messages from a silenced/banned/forum banned user. If they deserved to speak, they would be able to. Rule 9: False Representations You are not to abuse, manipulate, or misuse the shoutbox for your own personal gain. You are not allowed to intentionally misinterpret rules, or “be smart”, in an attempt to avoid being banned for performing a rule-breaking action. Use common sense. You are not allowed to impersonate any staff members, or any other forum members for that matter. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned immediately. Rule 10: Inappropriate Images & Links Posting inappropriate images and/or links such as pornography, gore, nudity, disgusting, offensive, repulsive, or any such content is not allowed. Doing so will result in a severe punishment, and will leave your account liable to receive forum action as well. Saying something like "don't look up ____" to tempt people to look it up is also not allowed. Rule 11: Ban Evasion Discord ban evasion is not allowed, just as forum ban evasion isn’t either. If you are using another account to evade a discord ban, and talk, your main account will receive an extended silence/ban, and your evasion account will be banned. Forum action may be taken depending on the severity of the evasion (multiple evasions, etcetera). Rule 12: SimpleBot Account sharing/selling The act of trading/selling, or the attempt of trading/selling, any account for other goods will not be allowed, a ban will be issued for the account being traded off.
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    Hello everyone! Today is the official day that SimpleBot is released! With this release the API and Framework for SimpleBot have been made universal. Currently all supported servers those being Atlas and Zenyte now use the same API and Framework! The API is still under heavy development and will be receiving a hefty update in the upcoming weeks but, for now everything will be remaining the same. Due to the recent changes there are current '0' scripts up on the SDN, thus those of you who want to bot must either create your own scripts, or wait for previous script writers to update their scripts! Download: http://simplebot.org/forums/launcher/Simplebot-Launcher-1.0.jar Enjoy everyone and happy botting!
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    Hey guys, Last night I had released a patch to unlimit Vitality but forgot to remove some things. But now vitality is free to all. I've also removed the session limit on Vitality for all users. You can now bot on an unlimited amount of accounts on vitality, but you're run-time is still restricted by your rank! Enjoy! This is not permanent! Unlimited may be revoked at any time! Happy Botting
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    I would buy it... it’s a really good script, just think the method has been killed by making it public release. it was abused too early and now staff monitor the places 24/7. you almost need to remove it for 3/4 days, make changes that have been said perfect it then release it premium. That way staff think it’s gone or people aren’t doing it, then only ones who pay get the benefit.
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    the issue will be investigated by @Reminisce is awake
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    This is in the works :). We are also going to be hosting private scripts via the new portal as well, so scripters have more control over their scripts as well, this will eliminate leaking private scripts.
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    Good work as always Rem!
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    Hey guys, To keep it short just so everyone is aware, I've phased the osps changes into vitality. Please report any issues directly to me via the forums or discord pm. Please let me know anything in regards to click accuracy and crashing. For the list of changes: Edit: New Logging System Happy Botting!
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    Thank you totally forgot to mention that xD. I've updated the patches.
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    Thanks for hooking us up on vay-cay. Hope you can enjoy the rest of it.
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    Thanks for all the hard work Rem! Can't wait for the new client
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    Thank you for the hard work you do Rem
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    love it, love the idea of premium servers aswell! excited to see any of the following servers added. oh and, SimpleBot #1
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    Hello, OUR SDN IS BACK ONLINE, OUR HOST HAS FIXED THE ISSUES. We apologize for the downtime, thank you for your continuous patience. Happy botting!
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    Simplebotters, We have just released a hotfix to fix the VIP++ rank issue, please restart your clients! Happy Botting! Thanks, Ben
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    Hello, Please guys we usually post all of our updates and issues regarding to the bot in our #announcements channel inside of our discord server. WE AIM AT KEEPING YOU GUYS UPDATED WHEN THINGS ARE GOING WRONG AND AS SUCH WE ALWAYS DO! We are trying to contact our host for the past 2 hours but no response yet. Please be patient with us. Thank you for you patience guys!
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    Hey guys, The new year is coming up so, here are some goodies for y'all to have fun with before the new year! New year new API! LOL! I'm kidding xD no new API . Hope you all enjoy the New Year and set some attainable goals for yourselves! [v2.3] - Equipment API Rework: redid the equipment api which now removes the need to have the equipment tab open to check your currently equipped gear - SimpleItem rework: reworked how item clicking works, removed the need of checking what tab is currently opened before interacting with items, the bot will now automatically switch tabs for you. Fixed the `validateInteractable()` method for all SimpleItem's to now properly validate items. Fixed the `visibleOnScreen()` method as well which will not properly tell you if an item is visible or not. - Added a new boolean method to `SimpleItem` and `SimpleGroundItem` `isStackable()` to define whether or not an item is stackable or not - Added to new methods to `SimpleNpc` `getHealth()` and `getHealthRatio()` to grab the health of an npc if it's health bar is visible - Added a new method to `SimpleInventory` aka `ctx.inventory` named `boolean canPickupItem(SimpleGroundItem groundItem)` which will return if you have enough space in your inventory taking stackability and amount in your inventory into account - Added a new method to `TaskScript` named `String getScriptStatus()` which returns the name of the last executed tasks' name - Fixed Framework input blocker, now will automagically block input on script start, pause, and stop. Also fixed the issue with it not correctly being enabled/disabled and fixed it from randomly being changed - Fixed the bot panel script log to now automatically scroll to the top of the text field when new output is logged - Added a method to the SimpleQuery class named `toStream()` which will return your current query as a `Stream` - Fixed an issue with Evil-Bob registering you inside of the event when you're not in the proper region - Fixed a small issue with `ctx.shop` not buying or selling in the quantity of 10. - Added two new methods to `ctx.mouse` named `boolean blockInput(boolean block)` which will change whether input is being blocked or not and `boolean blockingInput()` to return if input is currently being blocked or not - Fixed an issue with `ctx.dialogue.clickDialogueOption(int)` returns an AOBE error. Now will properly work using the new dialogue api released in v2.0 - Fixed an issue with checking if `autoRetaliate()` was enabled or not - Updated `ctx.inventory.inventoryFull()` and `ctx.inventory.getFreeSlots()` to no longer populate the query - Increased the max 2D-distance tiles can be between for `ctx.pathing.walkPath()` to 12 from the previous 10 - Fixed an issue with Withdraw-`Amount` with banking, would withdraw previous X-option if it was e.g. Withdraw-44 and you specified Withdraw-4 - Fixed an issue with the bot trying to click on things out of render distance - Implemented a possible fix to the Bob-Island random event - Added an option inside of the anti-ban gui for disabling the Evil-Bob event solver - Improved the `ctx.portalTeleports.sendTeleport()` method to improve it's ability to send a teleport - Fixed a few Null pointer exceptions with the dialogue API `ctx.dialogue`
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    Hey guys, Just this morning at 4am version 2.1 was released. Here are all of the spoils that came with this update. Some others were implemented as well but I honestly forgot what I had done when it came time to write the change-log. Next time I'll write the change-log as I'm making the updates. ChangeLogs: [V 2.1][12/24/19]: - HUGE UPDATE: Improved the SimpleBank context: `ctx.bank.withdraw` is now able to withdraw items from your bank no matter where they are located even if you're in the wrong tab, if the items in your bank it should be able to withdraw the item no matter what. Made improvments to `ctx.bank.deposit`, will now deposit items if the deposit box is only and not only just for the normal bank. Added in new methods to `ctx.bank` to check what tab is currently open, a method to switch your tab, a method to check how many tabs you currently have in your bank, and a method to return what the withdrawX amount in your bank is. Also `ctx.bank` will now account for your withdraw quantity amount when withdrawing and depositing items and now offers a method to check what your quantitymode is - Fixed evil-bob area, reduced it's size as it was causing other scripts such as runecrafting to get registered inside of the even when it wasn't actually - Added an inMotion() method to tell whether or not the local player is moving: `boolean ctx.pathing.inMotion()` - Updated the `ctx.sleepCondition()` and `ctx.onCondition()` methods: `boolean sleepCondition()` is no longer deprecated, will check if the condition is true for up to five seconds checking every 500ms's. `boolean sleepCondition(condition, int timeOut)` will check if the condition is true for up to `timeOut` milliseconds checking every 500ms's. `boolean onCondition()` and `boolean onCondition(condition, int timeOut)` now also do the same thing respectively. RECOMENDATION: `ctx.onCondition()` is the recommend method type to use as it is thread-safe and offers sleep randomization compared to `ctx.sleepCondition`, they both complete the same task but one is clearly better than the other. - Fixed a bug with the scrip-selector that would stop it from loading if a `dirty` or `broken` script was in the script-directory-network - Fixed an issue with `ctx.pathing.walkPath` that would cause it to stand-still and not walk the path at all, tiles must be - Added in a method to click a tile in the viewport rather than clicking on it to walk to it on the minimap `ctx.pathing.clickSceneTile` - Added in a new context class `ctx.paint`, offer methods for formatting time, values per hour, a method to draw a tile ingame, and a method to grab an image from a URL for usage in paint. - BIG UPDATE: Added in a system to the script-selector that will now load private .jar scripts inside of `%user%/.simplebot/privatescripts/` which now will allow, script writers to sell scripts to users privatly. With this update SimpleBot is not responsible for any hacking or malware/viruses that may be transferred through this system - Improved the system by which objects were being populated into the game to increase bot stability - Improved the `ctx.inventory.dropItems()` method and now added a new method `ctx.inventory.dropItems(SimpleItemQuery)` to drop all items inside of a simple query instead of the items inside of a filtered query. These methods default to shift-click dropping if it's enabled. Also added an item to drop indivisual items. - Added new methods inside of the `ctx.viewport` context that allow you to manipulate the camera and turn to certain locations - Made `ctx.dialogue` into a `SimpleTextQuery` which allows scripts to filter out dialogue options, and improved the `dialogueOpen()` option to check if even more dialogue options are open. Also added in methods to click continue inside of dialogues. - from [v2.0] added in ClientUser to the context `ctx.user` to check if SimpleBot users are vip or not.


SimpleBot is a Runescape Private Server Bot provider which supports servers that use Rune-Lite as a client.


Our developers are the most active of any RSPS bot developers, we're adding new features and keeping it updated constantly.


Our powerful API allows scripters to create the most advanced scripts available on the market.

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