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Multi-Instance Manager
First off, I did not create this tool nor am I taking any credit towards its creation. It was developed by a user named "Kronos" from another forum I used to visit long ago.
All I did was modify the code from his GitHub and make it so it detects Zenyte clients.
His GitHub is going to be linked at the bottom of this thread.
Updated post with Virus Total link & disassembly image. Use at your own risk, even though it's safe.

This the Microsoft DWM API, namely DwmRegisterThumbnail. This native method allows for preview rendering to be dispatched to the DWM and is effectively double buffered and drawn in a single frame resulting in zero preview lag.

Current Features:
  • Automatic detection of SimpleBot [Zenyte] client instances
  • Live preview with dynamic size adjustment
  • Double click to bring client into focus
Github Source:


Virus Total: Link
[Image: guNn2ET.png]

[Image: hjpbFVH.png]
Could you elaborate on how to use this tool? I didn't see any options to interact with it after downloading.
Thank you I’ll give this a try.

EDIT: Tried having a go at it but cant figure out how to get zenyte clients into the manager? @Nar
does the xonbat one ?
Any chances you can do something like this for mac?

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